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Jury Orders J&J to Pay $1B in Hip Implant Lawsuit

After rejecting a $1.8 million settlement offer, Johnson & Johnson and their subsidiary Depuy paid out $1.041 billion to six Plaintiffs alleging that they were injured by their Pinnacle metal-on-metal hip replacements. The lawsuit took place in Texas. The petitioners, in this and the now over 8,400 cases facing Johnson & Johnson over the hip

Metal on Metal Hip Implants Failing Scrutiny Test

The invention of the metal-on-metal total hip replacement was innovative in that it allowed the recipient to be more active than those who received other kinds of hip replacements on account of its greater range of motion and greater propensity for activity. Ironically, movement is precisely the issue with most metal-on-metal hip replacements. As one

Bair Hugger Blankets Come Under Scrutiny for High Infection Rate

The Bair Hugger Warming Blanket has come under scrutiny lately, as it allegedly causes “a disproportionate amount of deep-joint infections”. The warming blankets, which are manufactured by 3M and its subsidiary Arizant, keep perioperative patients warm, lowering recovery time and preventing blood loss during and after surgery. The blankets do this through the use of

Johnson & Johnson to Pay $55 Million in Talcum Powder Verdict

Johnson & Johnson has been involved in a series of legal battles over the dangers of their products containing talcum powder. You may be familiar with Johnson & Johnson baby powder or their many shower washes that also contain talc. This product has been widely used by women over generations, and now there has been

In Depth: Understanding Dental Implant Failure

Most patients who have suffered an “all on four” dental implant failure have one overarching question: how did this happen to me? Not surprisingly, the answer is often different for different patients. However, there are commonalities and patterns among patients who do not have a successful implant procedure. In this post, we will look at

When “All On Four” Dental Implants Are An Inappropriate Treatment

“All on four” dental implants have revolutionized dental medicine by giving an new option to those without teeth or those with very few healthy teeth. Under the right circumstances, and with the right patients, a full-arch prosthesis can be a very good alternative to dentures or other treatments. However, there is certainly a such thing

The Serious Consequences of Dental Implant Failure

Most people don’t think it can happen to them. They read statistics about how many “all on four” dental implants are successful, and they assume that they won’t be part of the minority of patients who has to deal with the pain, expense, and trauma of a dental malpractice related to their implants. Sadly, and

Dental Implant Lawsuits: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you have been through the process of getting “all on four” dental implants and then experienced the heartache and pain of having your implants fail, you probably have a number of questions on your mind, from how this could have happened to whom is to blame. Below, we have answered the most common questions

Syngenta Corn Litigation Affects Wyoming, Colorado, and Kansas Farmers

The development of a new corn seed by Syngenta has caused significant losses for many farmers, including corn farmers in Wyoming, Colorado, and Kansas. Syngenta began selling Agrisure Viptera seeds in 2011, after gaining US approval. The seeds contain the MR162 genetic trait to make crops resistant to armyworm infestations. Although the US approved of

Class Action Lawsuit from Dealers Add to VW’s Woes

It seems that the wrath against Volkswagen continues to grow, as their own dealers file suit against them. On Wednesday, April 6th, a suit was filed in a Chicago federal court on behalf of a nationwide class of Volkswagen dealerships. This suit is just the latest in the “Dieselgate” scandal, which began when 600,000 Volkswagens

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