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Wyoming Business Disputes and Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers

Have you been involved in a recent business dispute? Be it bad blood between two businesses or bad faith insurance tactics, the Ochs Law Firm is prepared to meet your needs, regardless of the complexities involved in your case.

What appear to be good business deals can often turn sour. If you ever have a falling out with your partners, do not risk your investments and hard work by failing to retain appropriate business litigators – after all, this may very well be your only shot at resolution.

We are also prepared to assist you if you have been the victim of bad faith insurance. Has your property experienced water damage? Fire damage? Any other type of weather damage that you feel should have been covered by your insurance? Then you deserve proper compensation, and if an insurance company denies you the payments that can get you back on your feet, you’re entitled to the representation of an attorney.

Unfortunately, when the insurance carriers refuse to honor their obligation to you, the only way to get their attention is to file suit. Whether you reside in Cheyenne, Gillette, Sheridan, Casper, Jackson, Douglas, or elsewhere, contact the Ochs Law Firm to review your policy. Our experienced staff can explain the options available to you. People don’t get insurance to retain lawyers, they get insurance to protect themselves, and thus we want to make the process as bearable as possible.

Contact the Ochs Law Firm for a full consultation. We can explain what to expect moving forward. Our attorneys will do what we can to ensure an insurance company can’t take advantage of you and your business.

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