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Toxic Burn Pit Exposure

If you or a loved one has suffered health damage, such as respiratory problems or other adverse health issues due to toxic burn pit exposure while serving in the military, the toxic burn pit exposure lawyers at the Ochs Law Firm want to help you take legal action against those responsible. Our litigation team has the knowledge and legal skills to review and evaluate your claim and take your quest for monetary compensation all the way through a trial if necessary.

Wyoming Construction Defect Lawyers

Persons who believe that their property suffers from a construction defect are entitled to legal action against the responsible party.  The Wyoming construction defect lawyers of the Ochs Law Firm are urging such persons to take immediate action, as proposed legislation could soon make it more difficult for affected parties to receive appropriate compensation.

Syngenta Corn Lawsuits

Syngenta may have improperly marketed a strain of genetically modified corn known as MIR 162, or Agrisure Viptera, and as a result, China’s subsequent refusal to import this corn has taken a toll on growers across America.  If you’ve suffered financial loss due to Syngenta’s actions, contact the Ochs Law Firm’s Syngenta corn attorneys to learn more about filing a legal claim.

Takata Airbag Lawsuits

There have been multiple recalls involving vehicles containing defective airbags from Takata.  If you were injured by one of these airbags, whose failure can lead metal debris to explode throughout the cabin of a vehicle, contact the Ochs Law Firm to learn more about filing a Takata airbag lawsuit.

Liberty Cycler

If you’ve been injured by the Liberty Cycler recently recalled by Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, then the Ochs Law Firm would like to hear from you. Our practice’s unsafe medical device lawyers are currently investigating whether or not persons adversely affected by the product would qualify to file a product liability lawsuit.

Tygacil Lawsuits

On the heels of an important safety update from the Food and Drug Administration, the Ochs Law Firm is investigating cases of wrongful death and injury related to an intravenous antibiotic drug known as Tygacil.  If you have been injured in conjunction with this medication or you lost a loved one because an infection got worse rather than better when Tygacil was administered, you could qualify to file a lawsuit and gain subsequent compensation for your hardship.

“Golden Corral Food Poisoning”

The Ochs Law Firm is reviewing and litigating cases where patrons who ate at the Golden Corral in December 2012 later fell ill. A large norovirus outbreak was reported on or around December 10, 2012 and the Wyoming Department of Health has recently linked the illness to the restaurant. Please contact the Ochs Law Firm today if you fell ill from the Golden Corral.

Mirena Lawsuits:

The Ochs Law Firm is reviewing potential Mirena lawsuits involving patients who were implanted with the intrauterine contraceptive device Mirena®but had to have the device surgically removed after it migrated and/or perforated the uterine lining. The devices are manufactured by Bayer Healthcare. Mirena is an IUD device that must be inserted by a health care provider and is intended to provide contraceptive protection. Reports of serious adverse side-effects and potentially life-threatening complications following the implantation of the Mirena device, including perforation of or imbedment in the uterus, have occurred.

Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits:

The Ochs Law Firm is currently reviewing and litigating transvaginal mesh lawsuits involving patients who were implanted with a variety of different mesh devices that have caused a number of reported serious adverse events including, but not limited to, incontinence, bladder spasms, urinary tract infections and other medical complications that often require surgical intervention.

Yas/Yasmin Birth Control Lawsuits:

The Ochs Law Firm is currently reviewing potential Yas/Yasmin birth control cases that involve pulmonary embolis, deep vein thrombosus and other related medical injuries. Yas/Yasmin is manufactured by Bayer Healthcare. Yas/Yasmin are birth control contraceptives that have had a number of serious adverse events related to them.

DePuy Hip Lawsuits:

The Ochs Law Firm is currently reviewing potential DePuy Hip lawsuits that involve the “metal-on-metal” implants that have been associated with a large number of serious adverse event reports submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration. The DePuy implants often require removal and surgical intervention.

Dialysis Lawsuits (Granuflo/NaturaLyte):

The Ochs Law Firm is currently reviewing Granuflo and NaturaLyte dialysis lawsuits. The products have been linked to an up to six-fold increase in the risk of cardiopulmonary arrest and sudden cardiac death. The manufacturer, Fresenius Medical Care (FMC), failed to warn patients and doctors until 2012. It is estimated that the products have placed more than half of all dialysis patients in the United States at risk and set the stage for imminent GranuFlo lawsuits.

Depakote Lawsuits:

The Ochs Law Firm is currently reviewing possible lawsuits related to the Depakote prescription drug from Abbott Laboratories. Recently, the FDA altered warnings and the classification of this product to reflect ongoing concerns that administration to pregnant women could lead to serious birth defects in their children. The drug is typically provided to those suffering from migraines, bipolar disorder, or seizures. If you suspect your child’s birth defects may have been caused by Depakote, call Ochs Law to learn more about the claim filing process.

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